SIPPs are an increasingly popular way of saving for retirement, because they give you complete control of your own investments. Standing for “self-invested personal pension”, a SIPP means you decide exactly where your money goes. SkyBlue Capital can help you find the right SIPP for you, thanks to our network of expert and trusted SIPP providers and brokers.

What’s involved in a SIPP?

If you want to know more, this is some of what you can expect when you choose a SIPP for your pension investments:


Choice & Freedom

More choice, freedom and control than with any other kind of pension



Choose to invest in shares, funds, government or corporate bonds, investment trusts, warrants, exchange-traded funds or exchange-traded commodities



Transfer in funds from an existing pension or start from scratch


Payment Choices

No need to pay in regularly – you can make one-off payments or regular contributions



Ability to start taking your pension benefits from age 55.



You’ll generally pay less tax on investments in a SIPP than you would if they were held elsewhere.



Can be used to give your dependents an income or lump sum if you die.

We’ve helped many clients to start a SIPP, and put them under management with various managed portfolios over the years.

By partnership with a network of expert brokers and advisers, we have built up the connections to help you make the most of your SIPP and the investments you hold within it.

Contact us today on 0800 689 0215 to find out more about SIPPs and whether a SIPP could be the right choice for you.

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