At SkyBlue Capital we help our clients to directly access a wide range of investment products and solutions. These are just some of the products and investment opportunities we can help arrange for you.


Meaning “individual savings account”, an ISA is a very popular way of saving without paying tax. Recent changes to ISA rules mean that it’s now more tax-efficient than ever to invest in stocks and shares through an ISA, giving investors like you even more opportunities to make gains without large tax burdens.

We’re able to help our clients access some of the leading available ISA investments, which regularly achieve excellent rates of return. Our trusted advisers can help to set up a new ISA, transfer existing savings and investments into an ISA, or invest your ISA on your behalf.

Managed funds

At SkyBlue Capital we specialise in matching clients with fund investment managers, and have a large number of clients under managed investments with our hand-picked partners.

A managed fund is where your money is pooled with funds from other investors, meaning assets can be bought and sold on your behalf at more attractive rates. We only work with experienced, expert and trusted investment managers.


Property investment has long been popular in the UK, but what lots of people don’t realise is that there is a wide range of different ways to invest in property without going down the traditional ‘buy to let’ or property development models. At SkyBlue Capital, we can help you access different ways of investing in the property market, including the following:

UK student property:

The growing student property industry can offer fixed returns of up to 8 per cent a year. It works by you buying a studio for as little as £50,000, with a rental guarantee set for a certain number of years and all property management is taken care of for you.

Spanish property:

While the Spanish property market has struggled in recent years, the trend is now upwards again, making it an excellent time to invest in property in Spain. We work closely with leading property agents and developments in Spain to provide our clients with direct access to repossessed properties. We can even help you get a mortgage for more than 100%.

Property bonds:

Property bonds can offer fixed returns and low risk, making them an attractive prospect for investors in the UK, as a way to access the housing market without needing large sums of capital. We help our clients to invest in property bonds both in the UK and overseas. It can be a complicated area, and so our expert team will be happy to talk you through the benefits and risks of investing in property bonds, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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